Panicing And Don't Know What To Expect After Boot Camp..

I'm very excited because recently I just found out that my Sailor is Graduating on January 18, 2013. Which may seem far away, but isnt at the same time. I am also pretty satisfied that after boot camp, when he goes to Meridan, Mississippi for "A" school, that we will be able to communicate, video chat and such. What makes me sad all over again is everything. Will he be able to come home after boot camp for a couple of day.? Or will he be sent straight to "A" school.? Will he be able to make it to my prom, which is in May.? And/or MOST IMPORTANTLY my High School Graduation in June.? Will they at least let him be excused for Graduation out of all things.? How long do I have to wait to see him again if not.? I just miss him like crazy, and need so advice from someone who can answer these questions and make me feel better. Life w/o him is so dull. I miss my pooh bear. And counting down. Just please, if anyones Sailor is in "A" school, or past "A" school, may you please tell me what its like, and what to expect. Thank You..
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You never really know unfortunately. He will most likely just be sent off to A school. My boyfriend came home shortly after boot camp, but it all really depends. 2 days after he graduation from training he was already assigned a deployment and is off training for it right now. You never really know what is going to happen. His deployment changed less then a week after his first assignment. You have to be flexible when dating a military man! It is okay though, you kind of get the swing of things and it gets easier with time. :] Just smile and remember you are happy even when he isn't around!

My boyfriend is still in bootcamp but he graduates dec 28 and he said that he will have 2 weeks after that before he goes to a school. the thing is that everyone is different and some sailors go straight to a school after bootcamp and others have some vacation time. Thats what alot of people told me that have gone through this before :)

Geesh, you are VERY lucky that you will have a good 2 weeks with him afterwards. Sucks for me because I wont be able to make it to his graduation. I dont even know whens the next I'll see him. I really miss him. I just feel lost and alone without him. I probably wont even know how long his A school is. I'll be sending his letters off tomorrow, which makes me feel a little better.I just want my pooh bear back, thats all.

Its funny that you call him pooh bear cause my bf always calls me that :) hehe and he called me yest he said he will be lucky if he gets 5 days off after bootcamp... :( why cant you go to his graduation?? and my bf said his a school is a few months like 3-4 months its not that long and they get to talk to you alot more then they have their phones and laptops with them

Awwww lol hahaha. How long were you two able to talk.? I can't go to his pass-in-review because thats a school day )=. Im also glad they get to talk to us on the phone and oovoo or skype in A school. Thats better than not hearing from them at all. I'd take him being in A school a little better than him being in boot camp. Geesh, lol. I can't wait to find out how long his schooling is. But I do know that he'll be in Mississippi for it though.

We got to talk alot this time almost 40 minutes! is the pass in review the same thing as graduation or what is that?

Yes its just the proper name that the Navy calls it. So to us it would be graduating, but to the Navy it would be the Pass-In-Review.

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