Thinking About Him At 11:20am

I dont know why but i randomly thought of my ex just now.

The other night we were talking on skype n he said he was thinking that if he comes to visit me sometime, we could get back together i was surprised but told him the truth with how i feel about it.... That what if we get back together what if he shuts me out again n i end up feeling alone,but i still wonder things like if he really loves me like he says now and if we're soul mates. He brings confort to my heart still but my heart Craves physical closeness with someone i spend so much time alone and i cant do that with him being so far away for so long :( & My friends think he's not good for me and that the only way ill get over him is if i find someone else and that he's just trying to suck me in again and im tired of thinking about it n talking about it...but we get talking and my head gets confused with my heart. I guess things are better left unsaid.
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Dec 8, 2012