Any Advice?!

My sailor left the 20th! Still no word! I'm getting impatient. I know its normal, but I atleast want the graduation letter! Although I don't know if I'll make it because each recruit has 4 spots. His mother step dad and two brothers are going. Does anyone know of a way around the four guest rule since they did away with the stand by list?!
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I know some of my friends have gone and hoped that people were giving away their extra tickets but that doesn't always work. I saw that you are in California which is where I am now but originally I am from Chicago :] If you ever need to talk feel free to add me or find me on facebook I am on their more often. -katie

Well, from what I know. My Sailor Left November 18th. Most likely they will send the first letter to their parents. With the address, graduation date, and to let them know that he's safe. I had to stay in contact with his mom, so I just recently got his information from her a day or 2 ago. All I can say is, just be patient. I know its hard, trust me I do. Just do not hesitate to start on his letters, so when you do get his info, his letters will be ready to be sent off. I feel the exact same way you do. You may not be able to go to the actual graduation, but you'll have time with him (IF YOU LIVE CLOSE). Ummm, what else *thinking*. Just continue to be supportive of him. In your letters include cute pics of you guys, NO MUSICAL CARDS lol. Just know he's thinking of you, his whole way through boot camp. Good luck to you both. Stay strong. If you need anyone to talk to, you can message me anytime. (=

Thank you so much! I live in Cali but I'm going to Chicago to see him during liberty atleast hopefully! And feel free to message me too! (: