Anticipation And Nothing

I went to sleep late last night because I want to wake up late today. It is Sunday here. I want have that extra hours in bed so I don't have to be up for a long time before I go to work. I told myself to not send him any emails before I go to sleep but I did. I want him to wake up and check his emails to find mine there.

My plan did not go so well, I woke up two hours later to check my phone for anything, but there's nothing. I kept waking up to do the same thing when I clearly know that at that hour, he will be asleep.

When I finally did get out of the bed, I went straight to the computer because I know that he will have something for me. He always send me a good morning email when he's underway. They make my day! Except, there's no email today :( I guess he is either very tired or very busy.

I do have a question though, if I send too many (6-10 a day) emails to him while he's underway, will it be distracting? I don't expect replies immediately, he will respond every 2-4 hours.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I got an email!!

He just woke up. He must be really tired. :D