I Miss And Want My Sailor Back :'(.!!!!

Hi guys, well my Sailor is on Week 3 starting tomorrow. 38 more days until his Pass- In- Review, in which I will not be able to attend too, unfortunately. Well I've been depressed because I miss him as my boyfriend, but I miss him more as my best friend as well. We've never been away from each other this long. I'm staying strong. Him being away is sinking in somewhat, but at the same time, its soo many thing that reminds me of him. I miss him to the point where it makes me break down and cry. I feel alone, and lost. Maybe when I send the letters off, knowing he'll get them will put a smile on my face. I get disappointed and sulky because I don't know when I'll see him, or how long it will be before I do. Staying in contact with his mom and sisters make me feel kinda better as well. But I really don't think I'll be the same until he returns. I just want my pooh bear back.
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I feel the same way. I know mine will be gone for at least 9 months but it feels like forever. Bc when I'm not working or am bored. I always had him there no matter what. My day would be horrible and I would come home and he would make it better. Everything we did was together. So it's been hard for me too. I break down and cry all the time. I know it will be wonderful when he's back. I'm just new to this and Idk how to act bc I get upset.

Thank you for understanding. I just got his letters on thursday and a surprise phone call from him on yesterday for about 15 minutes. I miss him soooo much. Hearing his voice and getting his letters was like heaven for me. Kinda sad though, because he doesnt know the next time he'll get to call back home.

I have a girlfriend that just graduated from NAVY boot camp at RTC in Great Lakes. It was a very hard experience we got to talk on the phone a total of 11 minutes in 2 months prior to that we did everything together, we live in the same house, and are also each others best friend. My advice stay busy go out with friends your boyfriend trusts you with and when I say out no bars or clubs. Do things to stay busy. When you are missing him write, write him about any and everything as often as possible it'll make you feel better. My girlfriend wrote me almost every day while she was in boot camp but was only able to mail her letters out on Sunday. Your boyfriend won't get any of your letters until about a month in and you probably won't get any for at least a month. It's hard, but use this time to encourage and motivate to him. Express your feelings, say passionate things in your letters and talk about any and everything you can. Our sailors love mail and they want to read things that will offer them an escape from their surroundings. Just talking about your day is more exciting then the crap he is dealing with and if you leave enough details it will almost make him feel like he is there and transport him out of RTC. My girlfriend and I never took a moment together for granted we knew the day was coming when she was going to boot camp, and even as much as we knew we loved each other before, this experience made us realize that we can't live without each other it brought us closer together and we opened up and expressed our love for one another more in our letters. Funny saying it but boot camp brought us closer together and made us appreciate each other more than we thought we did. It's a shame you can't go to his pass and review it's a spectacular display here is a video I recorded with her marching her 90 sailor division in. She was announced as division 340 is on the inside with the white belt carrying the cutless sword about 1:11 in to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xrE7yhL8Zo. After boot camp we got to spend about 12 hours together on graduation day, then they shipped her off to A school for 5 months we're going to get to spend 14 days together in about 10 more days then she'll be done with school in about a month. Continue to send him all your love and support, know that he is getting his *** kicked right now.

Wow, I'm glad to hear this from a males point of view. I really appreciate the advice, and information. Yes it does suck unfortunately that I will not be able to attend. I have exactly 6 letters that I will mail off to him tomorrow. I do as well think that this experience for my sailor and I will make us emotionally stronger, and bring us closer together. I'm really proud from a womans point of view that she made it through camp. Shes very strong emotionally. I'm happy for you guys and wish you the best. I hope you two enjoy your 14 days together. I promised that I would never leave his side, and that no one would NEVER take his place. Didnt imagine the situation to be this tough. Before he left, I thought I wouldve been able to handle him being away. But last night before he departed for camp, the bomb dropped on me, and I was a wreck. I'm very proud of him, and knowing that I'm okay, he'll be okay. I just miss him. I know we'll be together soon again. But thank you so much. That made me feel better. I wish you and you sailor the best now and in the future. (=

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