1st Phone Call Since He's Been Gone (=.!!!

So this must be my lucky week. Yesterday 12/13/2012 I received 3 letters from my Sailor. On today 12/14/12 I received my very first phone call from him as well. Omgossh... I miss him so much. He's sounds so different from before he left. Voice a little deeper. Omgossh, it was such an AMAZING feeling. He said he received my letters today as well. Gosh, this is the best feeling ever. Haven't felt like this in a WHILE. It was a great 15 minute convo (well besides his RDC and Shipmates telling him his time limit and warnings in the background). I feel like the happiest girl. He said babe *WE WILL BE GETTING MARRIED WHEN I COME BACK HOME* (=. Excited. I miss and love my sailor.
GirlfriendofUSNavySailor GirlfriendofUSNavySailor
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012