No, It Won't Always Be Like This :)

Hello ladies. It's been a while since I've posted on EP, but I just wanted to get on here to encourage all the ones who are currently in the same position I was in not so long ago, because that's what EP is all about, right? (: It DOES get better. Like, SOOO much better than you could ever imagine! Bootcamp sucks, but in retrospect it's only for 2 months. (I always hated that, when my friends would say "it's *only* 2 months." Yes. 2 months of barely any contact. 2 months of not seeing his face or feeling his touch. 2 months of totally rearranging my life to keep myself busy enough in order to not go insane.) I can honestly say that the bootcamp stage was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Now that he's graduated from bootcamp (in September), we finally have our lives back, even though they have forever been altered by the rules of the Navy. :) Even A-school (and C-school!) will be a piece of cake compared to bootcamp! So, in conclusion, IT WILL GET BETTER. Chin up, Buttercup :) Becuase I know your sailor is thinking about you day in and day out, and he loves/needs you more than ever right now. So stay strong for him!!

*** Also, I do have one piece of advice for anyone out there who is struggling with him being in bootcamp. Make friends on EP! I met my two best friends, Jenn and Jamie, on this website. We talked for months, through laughter and tears, and they still remain my absolute BEST friends in the world because they understand exactly what I'm going through, unlike my friends from home. We finally all met in person the night before the PIR at Sarge's Meet & Greet (DEFINITELY worth looking into if you're going to his PIR!!), and it was one of the happiest nights of my life! :)

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I promise I can help :)
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Hey I enjoyed reading your post, it was nice. Do you by chance know if they can call on Christmas if they've only been in bootcamp for 2 weeks?

I have no idea, sorry! :/ I really hope you get a call hun, but don't get your hopes up too high. Bootcamp is a rough place, so the RDCs are still trying to make their lives as miserable as possible (not an exaggeration). But I will definitely pray for you :)