He Met Another Girl...

Well this has had me in tears for the last few hours so I thought I'd share.

In High School, I chased the most amazing boy around, he was wonderful... handsome, thoughtful, kind of shy, but quite the gentleman, never got him in high school unfortunately; But we reconnected online and started talking a bit ago via Facebook and text, and that's all I thought it would ever be. Well on his last day of leave, he left his family's home to spend the last day with me (7 hour drive in a rental car, gotta love the dedication), and after such a long time talking, it was like a dream come true! Our connection was straight out of a movie!

Now I'm not new to being a Navy girlfriend, my ex and I share the ups and downs of navy life a while back, so I knew what I was potentially getting into when I saw this guy for the first time again, I wouldn't have wasted my time if I wasn't prepared to take on him, and all of the "duties" he comes with.

We got along perfectly, we laughed and told stories and were so playful together and when the night came to an end I seriously just felt paralyzed knowing he'd leave the next morning. In most relationships, people get to spend time together and get to know each other, and I just feel so deprived, unfortunately that is a luxury we don't have. We talked about how things would be when he went back, the times he would have available for texting talking and skype-ing, and everything seemed pretty manageable, I was excited because there is just so much potential with us.

Fast forward to today, January 5. We are now across the country from each other, 1,702 miles to be exact and when we talked this evening, he mentioned that he was a bit unsure how to proceed with the long distance thing, especially since he had a slight interest for someone he met that lives near-ish base. I asked him how he felt about her, and he responded "I don't know". He said he needed a day to clear his head and get his thoughts together, which is fine, but I left him with the question If her and I were sitting next to each other in front of you, who do you go to? He said me. Now I guess is a waiting game. We Skyped for about 2 and a half hours tonight and at the end, I said I would wait and I think I said everything I wanted him to hear. I told him I like YOU, I want to be with YOU, and I don't want to share YOU. WE will figure this out together, WE will take things day by day and figure them out as they come, I told him I saw the potential and I thought he was worth it.

I know there is a comment box here, and from looking around you girls all give really great advice, but I don't know what kind of advice I'm looking for, or if I am even looking for advice? I just needed to talk to someone, was thinking someone may be able to tell me they have been in my shoes before and everything will be fine?
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So I just wanted to share an update... We have talked every day since telling me about her and he said they haven't spoke since we talked about it. I said what I had to say and started to worry, and when I brought it up today he said he thought he made it clear it was me. All that stress for nothing (well kind of nothing). A huge relief.

Yet I agree with Yakuza2979, I disagree as well. In no way, shape, or form should you EVER allow yourself to be played. However from the sounds of your post you and your man were not in a solid, dedicated relationship at this time. Not that this conclusion would give him the right to go "running around on you" but it doesn't sound like he has done that either. He has been upfront with you, he told you the situation and he was quite clear on it. It sounds like what you did was the right thing to do. You laid out your case clearly and simply and you gave him his space to think it through.

Unfortunately it sounds like the only thing you have left to do is wait. We navy girls are no stranger to that. I hope you get your answer soon, and I hope it is one that makes both of you happy.

I'm a guy in a similar position only my girlfriend is the one in the Navy. She turns heads when she walks in a room, and gets too much attention from the Navy and Air force boys. We lived together about 4 months before she left for training, all her belongings are here. She has guys up her *** all day long. I've caught her in too many questionable situations, confronted her with her cellphone call logs, she Denies most of it. As far as he is concerned you two are dating there is no relationship, he's already interested in someone else that is close by. Unfortunately there is no way to compete against that kind of attention. I'm a bit jaded by the reputation of our soldiers and their infidility I hear these stories all the time. I wouldn't put my life on hold for him if he is seeing other women don't invest a lot of stock in him and date other guys. You may actually find a better catch. Why be someone's option when you could be another man's priority?