Lost And Confused...

My sailor has been gone for over a month now, but some of his old friends told me he had been messaging random girls and flirting with them while we were together. We have been together for over a year now. I didn't want to say anything to him about it while he was away, but i did anyway. He wrote me a letter back and i received it yesterday. He told me those girls meant absolutely nothing to him and he loves me and wants to marry me when he gets back. He said i am all he thinks and talks about. I love him, but i dont know if i should stay or if i should go...
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When my boyfriend was in boot camp I found out a lot of dumb stuff that he had done as well. I honestly considered leaving him, but I didn't only because he never physically cheated on me. I still want to his graduation, and when I got there he was a different person. He did not act the way he used to, he grew up so much and was so respectful towards everything. I did bring the stuff up but it was so irrelavant at that point because he came out a totally different person. I would wait untill he is out of boot camp and see how stuff goes from there. I know it really changed my boyfriend for the better and he learned to appreciate what he had and that risking that was really dumb. Like someone said before me, he went in a boy but he'll come out a man.

We as men make bad decisions and are afraid to grow up sometimes, I did this to my girlfriend after my divorce, but I grew out of it and now this beautiful woman is my amazing wife. I am fully commited to her but i was afraid at that time and didnt want to be hurt, I made comments to these other women and flirted with them but never took it any furthur. Talk to him face to face, his actions will tell where his heart really is.

I would recommend holding on. I don't know how old he is but judging by your age and the fact that he is in boot camp tells me that he is fairly young, and possibly a tad immature. Before he left, he was a boy. He acted as most boys do. Right now is probably one of the most challenging experiences he has ever been through in his life. What matters is that right now, he misses you, and he thinks about you, and he wants YOU. Hang in there and don't let some rumors of harmless flirting allow you and your relationship to fall apart. You said goodbye to a boy, when he comes home- he will be a man. Give him the opportunity to show you that he can be the man of your dreams.

He graduates January 25th from boot camp, but i doubt i will see him then. So i really don't have a clue right now.

I would suggest a face to face conversation before you decide. You can tell a lot from what you see in someone's face. When will you see him next?