My Sailor And I ( Our Love Story)

My Sailor and I have been best friends for 10 years. We have seen each other through good and

bad times. We have seen each other go through bad relationships. Always standing on the side

lines say to ourself "If he only knew" "If she only knew". We both loved each other from day one.

But we both kept that to ourselves. We had always been there for each other, no matter how

hard. Through out high school he had our share of fights and laughs, but never told each other

how we felt. He signed up for the navy half way through high school. It hurt knowing that he

would be gone and i would most likely not see him for other 8 years. But i was proud of him and

happy for him. At the time he didn't have a girlfriend and he was always saying "how wants to be

with a sailor?" Little did i know i would be that girl. 10 days before he was going to go off to boot

camp My sailor, a friend and I went to six flags for him. And when we went back to the hotel he

ended up kissing me and later on that night i asked him what that was all about and he told me

"that was me falling in love with you". I always knew i loved him and wanted to be with him and

my dreams came true, 9 days latter he when down to be ship off to boot camp, but luckily he got

delay 6 more weeks. With in those 6 week our relationship had grow so strong and when knew

we could make it through the next 6 years. He left for boot camp December 10th, I have been

heart broken and it has been hard. But i have never met a guy like this. ANd he is worth the wait

no matter how long. I love him and i know I never want to be with anyone else for the rest of my

life. He is my everything. I love my sailor

So girls keep your heads held high because they are worth it! We will get through it!

Navygf1993 Navygf1993
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013