Here We Go...

From August-October I spent so much time on this site because Joe was in boot camp. It was the only real support I had because all these girls were going through the same thing...missing their military SOs like crazy, not knowing what to do with themselves. After boot camp I talked to Joe constantly (texting, calling) was great. And when he came to visit for Christmas break, it was wonderful to see him everyday. Then he left Friday back to Chicago and I was sad...but I pushed most of my feelings away. Well, he left earlier today to go to Japan. I cannot believe he will be stationed there for three years. I know it's going to be hard which is why I will be visiting this site a lot again...looking for support...again. Although, I am completely stoked for him to start a new and exciting chapter in his life! Just wish I could be there sharing it with him...
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Can I ask what your boyfriends job is? My boyfriend's A school is in Chicago as well, he's currently there, and he'll be finding out where he'll be stationed soon! I'm really nervous about Japan, but I think it'd be good for him as well!

He is a DC. do you know when he'll be graduating from a school?

He was actually supposed to graduate at the end of this month, but got in some trouble for over sleeping, so he's currently on hold and we don't know what's going on yet!

Oh man, thats not good! Hope uou see him soon :)