New And Scary Beginning

A week ago my boyfriend found out he was accepted into the Navy SEALS program! I am so unbelievably proud of him because he had been working so hard for the past six months trying to get his contract and he got it. He will be leaving in April and well reality has set in my boyfriend is working on becoming a SEAL and it is terrifying and we both have had mixed emotions the number one thing we both agree on is through hell and high waters we are going to be together. My boyfriend and I have been friends for seven years and dated on and off for five years lost touch for a year and last Christmas started talking again and of course the day he got the news of his selection we celebrated our first anniversary! We've had an unusual past but we are determined to have a future together whatever it takes. I just wanted to start somewhere and hopefully find other girlfriends and wives who will be going through the same lifestyle as me and hopefully gain some perspective and support!
new2navylife new2navylife
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

That's nice to hear :) I believe you can both make it until the end..just don't lose communication and always have a long patience and be understanding :) I wish you happiness go girl :)