Taking The Cards Dealt By Life.

I just want to say that I am glad that I have joined this site. It is a great source of venting for myself. I was thinking about the other stories I have written and really reflected on how my feelings changed throughout each story. But thats with this life is with our men in the navy, a roller coaster. We go through a lot to stay with our men. Last year the only holiday I got to spend with my sailor was christmas. I missed every other holiday with him, that was extremely difficult. I never thought I could have with stood that with everything I have going on in my life personally and career wise. I am a full time,honor student, junior at DePaul University, I work in the department of residential education as a resident advisor. I also work as a tutor 4 days of the week. I am in the national society of collegiate scholars, a Golden Apple Scholar, a McNair Scholar. I am constantly working hard for myself and my future. I give all of myself to every aspect of my life. I never thought I could handle a the commitment of a military relationship. But I am still standing and proud of it. Sometimes I feel I throw in my boyfriends face how lucky he is that I can somehow manage to handle this relationship. But that is wrong of me because he goes through so much as well and true unconditional love means love with no conditions, love with nothing but acceptance. We both have that for one another, sometimes that is shown clearer than other times, but the love is always there. If we can survive this I believe couples that get through this military life style will prosper in their relationship when they are finally united. Because they refused to be torn down by many obstacles that challenged their love, faith, and trust. On the days I am down and feeling lonely, I thank god for giving me someone I could love and miss this much. Because those feelings of sadness really come from a beautiful place of love. Many people do not experience a love and bond with another such as the one a military life creates. We have to think of that and appreciate every moment of love we feel <3
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I really liked this post! On the same lines as you with the crazy stuff, I am a Physician Assistant student minoring in ASL, Bio, and Psych. I work at the Financial Aid Office on campus and at a free Clinic. I just joined this site the other day and my boyfriend, of soon to be 3 years, is graduating in 2 weeks (I'm so excited to see him!), but I love to hear about people in similar situations as me, because sometimes it seems like ALL military girlfriends get married and get to live with their guys right away, but I have a little over 2 more years of undergrad and then my Master's year of clinical rotations (so like 3 total) before I can actually be in the same area as my sailor (I live in a landlocked state, so there's no chance of that as for now lol). It's just nice to see that other people are working in similar ways! :)

Thanks for some inspiration, LDR is hard, but military LDR is hell. Im currently hanging on.