How Long Til A Letter? Call?

It been almost 11 days since my boyfriend left for bootcamp. I was wondering when yall got your first call/ letter...and what time in the day did he call at? I have school and I keep my phone on me at all times ...kinda worried he might call in class and I wont be able to pick up.

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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

I would say for the letter to come My bf left July 1st and I didn't get my letters until the 26th.Phone calls were later that week but make sure you phone is on loud and doesn't leave your side lol.I missed his call the first time because I went downstairs for something.I cried the whole rest of the night.I felt horrible.

Hey! I got my first letter I wanna say the Thursday or Friday of the second week he was gone. And I got my first phone call the third week. The first time he called was around 6/6:30, and I believe it was on a Wednesday. I think he called two or three more times after that (it depends on the division) but I'm almost positive that the times were around 3/4, after 6, and then he called me multiple times for an hour on a sunday! Hope that helps, and if you have any questions, just let me know (: