Phone Calls?

My sailor just left five days ago. I have been hearing that they have phone privallges? Is that true? I haven't been carrying my phone around. But I will start if I know he can call!
Sailorsgirl303 Sailorsgirl303
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

he can.say you his fam really and somebody they may.can call on sundays

if he's at boot camp, he won't be able to call anyone outside his family for at least the first month. but near the end the calls should become more frequent and i promise it gets easier! :)

He is in boot camp right now. I just got his address two days ago and it's been a week since I have heard from him. I can't even believe how hard it will be two weeks from now :( 8 more weeks to go! So he won't be able to call me but he will be able to call his family?

If you just keep pushing through, I promise by the time the 8 weeks is up it'll feel like you were just kissing him goodbye! Well, at least that's how it was in my case, at least for the first few calls. But hopefully it'll be different for you and your sailor!