Care Package?

So i want to make a care package for my boyfriend so i can send it to him when he gets out of boot camp, when he gets to A school. But i don't know what to really put in there. I don't know what he's allowed to have at A school and what he might need. So if any one has any ideas or any info that would be great.

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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Girl scout cookies :) I found some on Amazon!

I am not sure if this applies to all A schools but I found out the hard way that candy or food are contraband.But defiantly decorate the box.He he stencils his shirts rub a dub sharpie markers are good to have.Photos or making a video for him is also a great idea.

What does he love to eat? I always put beef jerky, mixed nuts, vanilla wafers, some cooking spices, spam, etc. But you need to know his address first and it's very important to know if he has his own barracks or he just sleeps on the barge or the ship..cuz if he doesnt have his own barracks he wont have that much space for all the food u will send. I only send alot cuz mine lives in the barracks. Try sending him a little care package first, containing sweets and letters and photos..and a lil bit of creativity, like decorate the inside of the box. Goodluck :)