Traveling To See Him

I can't stop smiling! Just got my flight schedule confirmed for next month, and I fly out in exactly 29 days for a long weekend!
I am extremely excited and he seems to be as well!

It will be a nice vacation together, some time to really focus on us and see what happens and how if our feelings have so far stood the test of time and distance!! We are 1,702 miles apart, quite the distance and this will be my first visit to see him!

Can't wait... Sounds lane but I might even start packing tomorrow!! Ha. Just wanted to share my excitement!
SofiaDagger SofiaDagger
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I am heading to South Carolina to see mine! I definitely know how you feel!! I'm wondering what the first few minutes will be like!
I have a feeling I'm going to be like a little kid and just giggle and hug him :) Haha. Already set out a bag so I can pack outfits as time gets closer, and throw in little things I don't want to forget to take!
I ordered girl scout cookies on amazon, thought those would be a kind of fun treat to take for him and his roommate!

I was planning on going in March originally, but the three day weekend in February = 3 days he's allowed to be out with me instead of just Saturday and Sunday, couldnt pass up those extra few hours with him!!

Trying to plan things to do now, if anyone has any advice for what to do or see around Charleston, I'd love to hear :)

Hello Sofia, I just joined this website.
I am going to see my BF in March. He is in California going to A school. I feel like I can imagine just how you feel right now. :) I am very excited for you! I am waiting to find out my BFs schedule for March before I buy plane tickets. I keep wondering what I want to wear, and what I want to bring to show him. I am so excited! I imagine you are just as excited to see your BF as I am to see mine! I keep wondering if I am going to freeze up and just start crying, because that happened the first time he called me in BC. I think I might, or I will have that huge dork smile I get when he surprises me.

Is your boyfriend in A School?