A School ?

My boyfriend of a year went into boot camp as undesignated/Seaman on the 8th of January. I was just wondering where his A School would be at ? I was told that he might go to Florida after boot camp for schooling, but I want to get an accurate answer. Thank you. :)
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My bf of four years left on the 9th of jan. he was told where he was going for A school, the same day he was told when h was going to RTC. But maybe since your boyfriend went in as an undesignated seamen, he won't know until a little into bootcamp.
As of them coming home after RTC, as far as I know they aren't allowed to go any where but straight to A school. But once they finish A school they are able to come home for two weeks.
Hope that helps!

Well he should have already been told were he was going, my boyfriend knew months before left for boot camp and his going to be going to A school in Monterey CA. So i would think he would have been told already, if not im guessing he will know before bootcamp is over.

My boyfriend left on the 8th as well and is supposed to go to Florida for school too.. Wondering if they can come home for a little after boot camp or not do you kno? Wonder If they'll run into each other : )