Phone Call!!

He JUST called me! It has been a week and a few days since he has been in RTC and he just called me! It was an 11 minute phone conversation that I will remember for a lifetime! He was sad, and sounded lonely. But he had a count down of days, and he said he had a letter he wrote with some things on his mind, he won't get to send it until Sunday, but I'm hoping he is on the same page as me! (Being together for the rest of our lives) LADIES with men in RTC. All I have to say to you, IT GETS BETTER!!!!! So happy my head is spinning! Don't lose hope!
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I got a phone call too the very same day! I was tooo in shock, I took forever to process I was speaking to him.He left on the 8th and I already miss him terribly. I just keep reminding myself of how sexy he'll look in uniform lol.

Exactly!! I cannot wait to see him all dressed and pressed on graduation day! So lucky I get to go! And congrats on the phone call!! Gives me something to look forward too!

right?! it's what keeps me waiting. okay not really but a really good part of it lol.
Have you gotten your boyfriend's address, yet?

Yes, I got it last Monday. His recruiter said the systems where down, and my bf said something about it taking a long time too, have you gotten yours yet?

I just got it like on Monday. His mom got mail so she gave it to me.

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Once you get the phone call your whole life just looks soooo much brighter! Congrats! :)

I totally agree! I heard that it depends on some people. So I am lucky I got to her from him. :) still so happy about it!

So inspirational! keep it up girl(: Stay strong! I cant wait til i get my first phone call too! Chat me anytime<3

Thanks girl! It has kept me strong this whole week! It helped me realize he misses me as much as I miss him!! :) same goes here girl! Need anything, ill be here!

have you gotten a letter yet? Its been over 3 weeks for me and I havent gotten a call or letter...starting to think he got his privileges taken away. I hope not. what time was the call at?

maybe you'll get a letter soon. I got a call around one central time.
and well according to my bf's recruiter phone calls are earned. like the whole group must do well to get a call. one person can mess it up for the entire group.
You shouldn't worry though, he's probably been really busy and stuff. :)

Wow thats great! My husbands in the navy and he just left for his basic training the 15th of this month. I haven't received any letters yet.Hopefully, I will get lucky and he could call me soon too. Im having a a little bit of a hard time with this but its good to see that there are some things to look forward to.

Once you get a phone call it helps you keep your head down and just get through it, you realize he misses you just as bad as you miss him! Keep pushing through!

ok! Thanks for the advice! :)

My boyfriend left for his basic training the 15th of January too!!!!! I havn't recieved any letters yet either but I recieved his package of his clothes on Wednesday! Its so cool that your husband left the same day as my boyfriend! Its such an inspiration! I hope we get letters soon!

Thats cool they left at the same time. Is he in the navy too? I heard that they can start writing letters today! I just found out his graduation day and im so excited! Its so nice to talk to others who are going through the same thing as me. I hope we get letters this week!

Yes he is in the navy :) I am praying we get letters this week and his recruiter said we should be getting a phone call next week, fingers crossed! When is your grad date? Mine is March 15,2013

Gosh Im really hoping I get to hear from him! Things were getting better but now im getting kinda worried since i havent heard from him yet. He graduates march 8th :) at first I was told the 15 so im pretty happy even though its just a week earlier lol

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