Should I Believe Sailor??

ok so a few hours ago i was on my skype talking to my friend and my ex messaged me and did a video chat and was saying he really wants to give us another chance and he will do anything it takes,anything i say,he doesnt want us to be broken && he loves me ect,we known each other almost 2 yrs and were together about 8 months but i broke up with him 4 months ago because he wasnt committed to our relationship not even when he had time he didnt cheat or anything though.

long distance isnt my ideal relationship anymore especially after doing it once already with him and it failing. ive always had a weakness for him I still care about him & ive never heard him sound so serious at how he wants to make us work.He's got 3 years left in btw.

I go and get over him finally and he's got me freaking out inside

im scared :/
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Well you are over him finally maybe best to leave him out of the picture unless you are willing to be hurt again and go through that all over again.

It sounds like you should just focus on being best friends for now (I feel that friendship is one of the biggest parts of any relationship). If there is any question in your mind, just let yourselves be you and talk to him as a friend with no romantic expectations. If you choose to start dating him again right away and decide that it isn't going to work it will most likely be really hard on him and you probably don't want to cause him the pain. It sounds like trying to be the best of friends you can be is the way to go for now and the relationship will follow if it's meant to! :) Good luck!

if it did not work the first time then it not likely work this time and you say you dont want a long distance relationship do you want to wait for him for the next 3 years is the question to find out weather he the one only you no that you could wait 3 years for him and he not be the one for you why was he not committed to you before whats changed and why has he taken so long these are the things you need to no because he could be saying he committed and he not so be careful you need to be shaw before rushing in to going out with him take your take