My Boyfriend Left For Boot Camp Today:(

Hi everyone my boyfriend of three years left for boot camp today:( its also my birthday which makes it more sad. I'm so proud of him and ill be counting down the days till I see him ‹3 any advice on what to expect & how often letters come. All advice is appreciated :)
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My sailor left for bootcamp on my birthday too , so I definitely understand the feeling :p

Awhh really? It sucks but im glad i have someone who can relate :)

Happy belated birthday!

before he even tells you. You actually mean everything to him. You're supporting him in something most girls would just give up. You're going to be his motivation if not you already are! I know it can get hard at times but in the end it's always worth it. & seriously it's nearly impossible to lose their trust because they know that you're investing everything you have just like they are. & You really have nothing to worry about when it comes to other girls because when they are far from home they just want to come back to YOU. They miss YOU. They want YOU. They really don't care for random girls. YOU are his whole LIFE. I don't know why I'm telling you this. I guess it's because I didn't have anyone close to me to give me these talks & I received them from strangers, lol. But really you can't trust a stranger as much. So yeah. I just I want you to know that I'm here for you & I understand everything you're about to go through or is already. & sure I'm learning along the way as well. I'm not perfect & it's just a new road. I'm proud of you really

Aww i loved this:) its sooooo true and so meaningful whenever im having a hard time ill come back here and read this. It will really help me get through the tough times. Thanks so much for this & about the crying, it is tough to be strong so im happy you havent been crying & thanks about my birthday:)

It made me tear up too. just keep in mind this is nothing, you both got this and you can get through it. :)) sure thing.

Not long actually. But I've known him for... maybe 3 years? wow I'm bad at this lol.
We've been pretty close though and I know how much he's wanted this and how hard he's worked to get there.

Aww that's good:) just make sure you stay positive & supportive :)

I am trying. I haven't cried, I keep telling myself I have no need to everytime my eyes get watery. He, before leaving, told me "no crying," So I keep that in mind as well. I also write to him of how proud I am of him. and not to worry about a thing be cause everylittle thing.. no im kidding. because i'm going to be right here waiting. and well my cousin told me something I'll share it with you because I think it's true.

Hey:) my boyfriend left for boot camp on the 8th, I got a phone call this Saturday, as far as letters, none yet. Hopefully, soon though.

Aw thanks i hope yu get a letter soon:) how long have u been with him?

My boyfriend (of almost 3 years - our anniversary is one day before graduation) left in December. Since his basic started right before Christmas (he was in IL by the 12th of December), his basic and how things went will probably be different from how your situation is. The first letter that I got from him I received on the 4th of January, so don't expect letters super soon. The first real call I got was on Saturday morning because his division kept getting punished. I feel ya on the birthday thing! My birthday will be a week before his graduation (so he will have missed Christmas, New Years, my birthday and our 3rd anniversary). I hope you get to hear from him soon! Try to get together with close friends to waste time! Also remember that his calls depends on his division and how obedient they are. Once letters start, they will come about once a week (they send on Sundays usually). When his family gets his address, you can start writing everyday if you'd like! Don't worry about him getting in trouble for multiple letters or anything because he shouldn't! (From what I hear, you probably shouldn't send him packages because he has to open them in front of his RDCs and possibly share it). My boyfriend just requested recently that I send him "moleskin" for the blisters from wearing new boots, so maybe start looking for some to send! :) Good luck and if you ever need to talk or ask anything just let me know!

Aww thanks so much. Yea its only been today and i want a letter already lol as soon as i get the first letter, i will write him everyday. Thats sad that you have to miss so many important dates but be strong you guys will get through it:) i really hope his divison doesn't get punished :/ but thank you for the advice:) if you ever need anything let me know too. Take care & be strong <3