My Story Of Becoming A Navy Girlfriend

Hi! My boyfriend of almost 3 years (our anniversary is a day before his basic training graduation) left for basic in the middle of Dec. 2012. My boyfriend had planed on going to the military since we became friends years ago. Originally he was supposed to go to the CG, but after 2 years of waiting and getting different dates to leave, he finally got fed up realizing that he was getting the run around and pulled out of that and joined the Navy, so that he could start his career. (The CG pretty much shut down all recruitment operations in our state while he was getting the run around). By the time he graduates, he will have missed Christmas, New Years, my birthday, and our anniversary. Although it's been difficult to not see him and to barely talk to him, I am being the most supportive girlfriend I can possibly be. Honestly, I couldn't be happier for him for being determined and following his heart. It is probably a good thing that my school and work schedule are pretty crazy right now (I am a Physician Assistant student), so that I can obsess about him being gone (I still DO, I'm just limited to certain time). After dealing with this for a couple of weeks pretty much on my own, I finally decided to join a Navy girlfriend site and found this on google. Any advice or questions are more than welcome! Keep strong girls! :)
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I really appreciated you commenting on my story, so ill comment on yours:) i know its hard, just hang in there. The moments that are so hard while they are away make the moments together feel so special. Like you said, try to keep busy. Time will go fast. When does he graduate? I have two more months to wait still :( i hope time goes fast for myself and you. Just be strong & supportive & im always here if you need anything <3

Thank you so much! :) He graduates on the 8th (coming up soon! yay!) and yes they do make the moments together feel extra special and I cannot wait to celebrate his graduation and our anniversary all in one lol. I hope it goes fast for you too! Just remember that every division gets to call at different times and will start sending letters at different times. I was so antsy over the holidays for the phone call and when that didn't come I was too excited to get a letter. One thing that I have learned is I don't get over-hopeful that I will get a letter on certain days, because then you get let down too much and you don't need the added stress. The postal service isn't an ideal way to communicate, but it works! If you need anything or just want to chat, I will be here! You stay strong as well! &lt;3

Aww im happy for you:) you will be seeing him soon. Lol thats cute. But yea i know i might get a little too carried away once i start getting letters lol but i have to remember to be patient. Is it true that if you send letters in a yellow envelope they get there faster? Thats what i heard and i don't know if its true. But stay strong thanks for the advice:)

Yes, I'm excited and getting all ready. I've made a challenge for my self to look and feel the best at his graduation, so I started a new workout and skin regiment. (Probably sounds odd, but I feel like it's a good thing to put my extra energy toward! Plus there is extra incentive!) I'm not sure about the yellow envelopes; I've never tried it! Honestly, no matter what you do it feels like forever until you get his and he gets yours (and conversations are hard to have) In your first letter make sure you remind him of important things such as your phone number, so he has no excuse not to call you! You stay strong as well!

Aww im happy for yu i cant wait till his graduation lol do yu live far from great lakes? I live about a hour &amp;30 minutes maybe a little less. Yea i know it feels like forever already lol &amp; i will make sure i give him my number :)

Yeah we live more like 9.5 hours or so... We are driving (me with his parents - Lord help me stay sane!) And yes it really does feel like forever! Even when I think that I get to see him in like 2.5 weeks it feels like I can't wait that long (especially when I think of it in terms of what I have due for my classes - exams, papers, etc.) It's nice that you live so close though! My boyfriend's A School is even farther (in San Antonio). And the number is very important. In the first letters I got from my boyfriend he asked if he had my number correct (his had some numbers transposed), and he did not get my correction on time. So his first phone call (that was only 5 minutes) he tried the wrong number for me and had to call his parents to get my phone number, which was EXTREMELY frustrating, as you can imagine. I had thought about putting it in my first couple of letters to him, but thought that there was no way he forgot my number. Anyways, stay strong and keep going...

Oh wow. That's far. But at least u will see him on graduation :) does he get to go home for a while or does he have to go straight to A school? Yea its good to make sure he has the right number. My boyfriend bought a address book so he wrote my address and phone in it. My boyfriends mom got the first call today he said he cant call for 3 or 4 weeks but he will write us when he can. Take care &lt;3

Oh he should be going straight to A School, but he should get to come home afterward before he gets put on his base. And yes, I am totally PSYCHED for graduation (I'm restraining myself from packing lately lol). That's very smart of him! I wanted to kick my boyfriend's butt because he claimed he wouldn't need one - goof ball. Waiting for the first letters is terrible. Here is something I found interesting before I got my first one:
It is a mother's story of her son at boot camp and she actually has all of his letters posted in the link and he says what he did certain days and stuff. It's something nice to read to feel included before you hear from him! Stay strong! &lt;3

Awww i know im going to be just like that lol :) yea i know it sucks waiting but its worth it. &amp; oh okay thanks ill read it right now, all day i keep thinking i wonder what hes doing so i hope this helps:) i seen your post about what you should wear to graduation &amp; i think its nice to wear the navy stuff because he will feel like your proud of him:) but i also think it would be good to wear something dressy:)

Thanks for the input! And I was thinking the same, I wanted to dress supportive, but I don't want to look like a fool if everyone else will be dressed up (IT IS a pretty big ceremony, which means you usually dress up). I am leaning more toward dressy, but I think I will take my Navy jacket in case it's cold (along with a coat for sure). :)

Aw yea that's a good idea:) i liked the story on the navy for moms but i couldn't find the letters :/

Oh :( It should have been like a reply from her... She ran out out room I believe!

Awhh okay thanks :)

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