Care Packages?

Anyone done a super cute care package recently?? Looking for an idea to send for a birthday package, have some ideas already and still have a month to plan, but thought I'd see if anyone has done a fun original one recently!
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Try decorating the inner part of the shipping box with pictures and saying that you know will make him smile. Maybe mention any inside jokes and send small things that will remind him of you. But also send things that men don't usually think of. For example, I my sailor arrived at A school two weeks ago and I sent him little thinks like a lint roller and tide-to-go pen for his uniform inspections, q-tips, toothpaste, junk food, pictures are a must, ect. Hope this helps! Have fun!

Such a good idea! I never think of the necessities ha, I was thinking of sending him some sports t shirts and pictures from around our hometown since he hasn't seen it in a few months, and of course junk food, but toothpaste and lint rollers and basic necessities sound good too! Probably should throw in a few practical things :)

Have you ever seen "cake in a jar"? Was thinking of sending a cake in a jar for him and his roommate for celebrating his birthday!

Hmm.. I haven't done one for my boyfriend but have done a recent one for my best friend in Afghanistan. We surprised him by getting the recipe to his favorite spicy ranch wing sauce (we bought things that didn't need to be refrigerated until opened) and he was super excited about that! We also got him little boxes (juice box like) of chocolate milk that didn't need to be refrigerated and he loved those as well and we always send his favorite soda. Other than that I know a Marine gf that decorated the inside of the box she was sending for the holiday it was for. Also man bouquets have become popular (most of them include alcohol - so you probably can't do that kind) Here is one without the alcohol: or those cards that use the favorite candies as words are cute and original as well. Good Luck! I'm sure he'll love whatever you send! :)