I Just Need Someone To Talk To ...

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a while ... we met online and started texting and calling eachother ... december of 2012 he came to california to come and meet me and we hit it off ... i am so in love with him ... right now he is stationed in hawaii ... and i live in california ... im 17 and he is 20 so were waiting until i turn 18 in order to move in together ... the distance is terrifying and hard ... and i really just need someone to talk to that understand how i am feeling ... i am new to this so i have no idea what im doing ...
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

While it sucks not being close, you have to think of the positives.

My boy and I always talk about how we are going to be so much stronger than any regular couple, our relationship will be based on the important things, like how we get along instead of the physical things at first. In the long run, I definitely see us being best friends and I wouldn't want to be in a serious relationship with anyone BUT my best friend :) Think positive!

Hi.:) I'm not sure I completely understand you, but I know it's hard to be too far from someone you love. It sucks not being able to hug and hang out