What To Wear To Graduation???

My boyfriend graduates in about 2.5 weeks (I'm PSYCHED!) However I need some advice from you girls who have gone to the graduation! I bought some nice underarmour Navy stuff and I planned on wearing that to the graduation ceremony with jeans. I thought most people would be wearing Navy pride apparel in support of their sailors, BUT I was reading a post on a facebook group about everyone being dressed up in black dress pants and dressy shirts (I planned on wearing my sexier dressy clothes throughout the rest of the weekend, since I figured I'd see him more). Should I wear my Navy clothes in support of him OR should I wear (a dressy lace shirt) dressier stuff instead? Help!
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My sailor graduated last September, and one of the first things out of his mouth was "Thank GOD you guys dressed up! The RDCs were telling us how tacky some civilians are when they come here. This is a formal military occasion, so people should dress like it." Now I promise he's not a pretentious snob, he was just keeping it real. Its a HUGE , IMPORTANT event in his life, so I think it's definitely worth it to just get a warmer jacket and look amazing for your sailor! :)

I originally was planning on wearing Navy attire, but after reading about dressing up and everything from people, I am. I am wearing white pants, american flag cowboy boots ,wearing white jeans, some kick butt american flag cowboy boots, and a pretty red lace shirt. I figured it's casual for the cold, but also pretty dressy, especially with my dressy pea coat. :) I was told by a friend to dress knowing that I am getting pictures with my guy in his dress blues. I'm really excited!

I went in boot cut jeans, a pretty halter top and my wrangler boots and was perfectly dressed. You have people under and over dressed...across the spectrum so just wear something cute and comfy not to mention warm lol.

Thanks! I was hearing people dressed up and most of my dress clothes are not warm... I'm planning on possibly wearing white jeans, some kick *** american flag cowboy boots (if I get them on time!), and a pretty red lace shirt. I figured it's dressy and still casual (especially with a dressier coat). :) I was told by a friend to dress knowing that I am getting pictures with my guy in his dress blues. I'm really excited! :)

Yeah just dresss nice. Look extra pretty for your sailor. :D

Oh I plan on it :) Thanks!

:D ahh I'm soo excitied for you lol

Thank you! I'm getting so anxious in general (like nervous and excited)! :)

I bet!! It's all so real lol

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From the perspective of someone who has gone through graduation, I would suggest that you wear something nice.

Ahh Thank you! I was really hoping someone would has been to the graduation could let me know what people usually do! Thank you so much, this was very helpful! :)

As a sailor one of the best memories I have of graduation was getting marched in and hitting this kind of invisible barrier of perfume and just feeling like I was around real people again. Your boyfriend will definitely appreciate you being a tempting piece of eye candy. Its nice to show of in that situation.

I'm working on that in general! I'm incredibly proud of him, so I want him to be proud of me as well in what way he can... Thank you so much for your input, it means a lot and also thank you for your service! :)

I would dress nice. Chances are if he is not staying in Chicago for A school you will only get to see him for a short amount of time on Friday as they have to be back on the earlier side. Then Saturday you can see them off at the airport... No one wears navy support stuff at grad most people dress up :-)

Thank you! This was very helpful and yeah he will be going to Texas for A School, so I probably won't get to see too too much of him. Thanks again! :)

Dress cute for sure. You don't want to regret it later!

Thanks! lol I'm leaning more toward that way! I think I may have my Navy jacket with me too (so a mix).

No problem! He'll want to see you looking great since it's been so long =)

I would dress nice for sure! You don't want to be that one person under dressed! Better to overdo it, I think!

Haha thanks for your thoughts! And yeah I don't want to feel like a complete fool. I guess I can just wear the Navy stuff when we see him off at the airport or something! :)

That's tough choice lol. I have yet to go to the graduation, but I think maybe dress nice for the graduation. and well I'm reading the "family guide" in hopes of finding an answer lol.

Okay, let me know if you hear anything! :) I also asked my boyfriend in a letter haha, so then it can be his fault if I dress wrong... thanks for the input! :)