Valentines Day?

Anyone have any special plans to celebrate Valentine's Day with their distant men?
I kinda lucked out, my flight leaves at 3 AM the day after Valentine's Day, so I'll go to bed early and miss hearing about all my friends' dates that day haha.

So I will see my boy the day after VDay, but I am taking a little VDay present that I am super excited about! I found this "About Me" style book at UrbanOutfitters ( and it's got all sorts of silly and random questions in it about Me, and I am planning on filling the whole thing out and giving it to him when I see him so that when he gets bored or has down time, he can read it and feel like he is getting to know me better even when we can't be close!

I'm curious how everyone else celebrates or survives the holiday though!
SofiaDagger SofiaDagger
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

So awesome!! That comic book idea sounds amazing! Where is he? I'm going to SC!!!

Mines birthday is a couple days after I leave so I am putting together a birthday box full of goodies like girl scout cookies, bacon flavored popcorn, a party hat for him and his roommate, and "cake in a jar" cake for him and his roommate (just add wTer and microwave), and birthday candles, and some silly little things!

For Valentines Day, I got the CUTEST book and I'm going to write a sweet something on the first page, and then the filled out "About me" book! I'm so excited!!

I am actually in the exact same situation as you! I am flying to out visit my man the day after Valentines day! I'm super lucky because it also happens to be my reading week off school the following week so I'll get to stay all week! I am SUPER excited! I've even set up a countdown on my phone's home screen!!! I have not decided on a present yet! I was going to put together a silly comic book showing all our adventures we've had :)

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