Been 3 Weeks

So its been three weeks of Brandon at bootcamp and I havent gotten a letter or heard from him yet. His mom texted me today and told me hed be able to call because its his "halfway point". Isnt that 4 weeks? Im not sure. But he didnt get to call which is a bummer. Im pretty sure they make them sleep at 10 or 10:30 so I its about 11 there. When did your sailor first call? thanks yall
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Hey! My man in in the Navy and his name is Brandon too! What a coincidence! He's been away from me for only a week now...and we got 15 more to go! Thankfully I'm going to go visit in 3 weeks and I'm super excited :)

I got 2 calls the whole time he was in. One was for a good test grade or something and the other was the Im a sailor call. Letters started coming in just at the start of the 4th week mid of the third maybe (this is a month short of a year ago for me) and the whole thing was something different when it comes to experiences. Every SR has a different experience, good bad, amazing, boring, stupid, you have it. My sailor says it was pointless and had a really fun time even though his letters say the opposite when it was all happening. I got my calls in the afternoon and night. Just be ready for anytime of the day cause you never know

My boyfriend has been gone since 12 December 2012 and I got my first letter on the 4th and a call this past Saturday. It really depends on the division and if they are getting in trouble around the time that they could call. The letter thing is a pain... Hopefully you'll get one soon! Good Luck! :)

thanks! Yeah ive been sending letters every day. I know they only get them on sunday and send their letters on monday so it might take some time.

also what time did he call at?

He called at 10:00 am EST, so their time it was 9:00!

Hi, i havent got a call yet because its only week one for my boyfriend, and ironically his name is Brandon lol. but when he called that he arrived safe, they said he can call 3-4 weeks so within the next week your boyfriend should call you. Sometimes if the group is bad they get punished idk if thats what happened but im sure you will hear from him soon:) good luck & stay strong <3

You too! The first week is tough. If you need anyone to talk to im totally here(:

My sailor just left on the 9 of jan. I actually got to talk to him last Saturday. But I haven't gotten any letters from him. It depends on the division he is in whether he gets phone calls and such. Stay positive. I know it's hard! But it is so worth it! He will surprise you when you least expect it!

Haha yeah I keep my phone on and charged at all times. I feel like he might call in the middle of the night. What time did yours call at?

I got my call Saturday morning. Around 10:30 mountain time. They have free time in the morning on the weekends. Don't take my word for it, but I'm pretty sure there won't be any calls at night.

Hang in there! I know it's not easy! I was military, and in my job now I can be gone for up to a month straight. It is NOT easy on the spouse left behind, but if you two are a good fit, and you are willing to work at it, it CAN be great!
Good luck!

thanks for the kind support!