How To Dress For Graduation

Im nervous about what to wear to my boyfriends boot camp graduation in march in Illinois.. It'll be cold.. Any ideas please!!!
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Okay! My boyfriend's graduation was today... It was pretty cold (I believe 12 degrees with the wind chill). They did not open the gates until 7 am (they say they open at 6:30), but there was a line! I wore white jeans and nice boots and didn't feel over or under dressed. There was A LOT of people in jeans! There was also a lot of people in dress clothes. I think cute (for your guy) and business casual is about perfect for it. Have a good time! If you have any more questions, just ask! :)

Aw thanks for letting me know! I hope you had an amazing time! I'm definitely gonna go with nice jeans boots and a nice shirt I think.. If you went to great lakes il was it snowing? I hope it doesn't in march, I'm also hoping my boyfriend doesn't get sent to a school the same day as graduation : ( Iv heard that happens..

I wores my wrangler boots, jeans and a halter top, it was cold enough for a jacket but I chose not to wear one. Just be comfy!

I'm happy to hear a lot of people wore jeans and pants im all about being comfy just didn't know how fancy to be

it was funny I had my outfit all planned out before I left. I was going to wear his fave jean dress and the boots but we went to walmart when we got to chicago to get a couple unbrellas and I saw the halter top and you cant beat ten bucks for a cute shirt so I got it. And ended up wearing it instead of the dress =)

im assuming that girlfriends are allowed to go, my boyfriend didn't think I could.. but how do you get in to see them graduate? is there something you have to do? or someone you get ahold of?

I think they get a limit of 3 or 4 people depending on their division or something, my boyfriend got 4 so he put me on a list that was sent home with all the information.. Check w him in your next letter!

gfs can go dont worry, I went to my sailors graduation so did his aunt and a step-grandpa-in law lol

Girlfriends can go; however the SR makes the list of 3 or 4 people (depends on how many divisions are also graduating). SO, you have to be picked by the Sailor, which seems to be a problem for some girlfriends if their Sailor picks their parents and siblings, leaving no slot for them. Good luck! :)

yeah true sometimes it can be hard to go, my parents were not going to let me even if I payed for the ticket myself with help from my sailors mother simply because I was his gf. But I was number one on my sailors list, so lucky me I got to go.

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My boyfriend's PIR is in march too!! Just found out today :)

Aww march 8th by any chance?

Nope...the 22nd. I wish it was that soon!

my sailors grad is March 22!!

I wore jeans , black high heel boots and black leather jacket with a light blue scarf (: it was cold so that's always an option for something warm!

Oh ok good cause I didn't kno how fancy I had to be or if there was like a respectful dress code.. I'd definitely love to wear jeans and heals w a nice shirt, love the scarf idea too!

I will be going next Friday! (It WILL definitely be cold next week). I am wearing white pants, a fancy red lace shirt, and Corral USA boots (you'll have to google them to understand what they are lol). I will let you know what else I see there! The best advice I have gotten so far is to wear something that will look nice with your Sailor's dress blues for pictures! :)

I didn't even think of colors and all that thank god I asked! Thank you for responding and please let me kno if you have any othe ideas or see anything, I'm unfortunately lacking fashion sense : / so I need all the help I can get I wanna look really good when he first sees me : ) Have fun and good luck!

If it is too cold, they will have it indoors. Check the weather leading up to it. Dress the way you would if it was your graduation....He'll be happy to see you no matter what....Good luck to both of you.