Really Nervous For Him To Leave

my boyfriend leaves next month and I cry and am sad all the time. (not around him) is there any way to soothe my worries and to get more comfortable with this situation? I need some advice. also my biggest fear, out of them all, is when I am going to see or hear from him once he leaves? or what can I do before he leaves(addresses, phone numbers I may need before he goes?) please comment back with any advice! thankyou!<3
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Ya if it's boot camp sometimes it depends but they get to send home a packet of graduation information and their address.. It'll prolly go to you or his parents ( I think only 1 can be sent) and that gets sent out within first 2 weeks usually so you'll be able to send him letters in advance before you get his which is nice he'd like that. But it's not a personal letter it's just a formal printed out packet there not allowed to write any notes on it besides who's invited to graduation and stuff. But just try your hardest to enjoy the time he has left w you, I kno it's hard : / mines been in bootcamp for a month so far but after the first couple weeks n letters it starts to go by quicker. Alot of ppl say boot camp is the hardest hurdle, just stay strong n before you kno it you'll be able to go and see him at graduation or wherever he goes to school. We're all here for you!! This will only make you two stronger <3

thankyou! and im sure it will get easier but in the mean time I cry and cry all the time about days that im not sure im going to get through with out him around. thankyou for commenting it makes a difference to me in such a great matter:)

Hey, is he leaving for bootcamp? My boyfriend is in boot camp and I just got a call from him Saturday. This is his third week hes been gone. Its hard but its worth it trust me:) He said he wrote me Saturday and I should be getting the letter this week. Around the second and third week you should get a letter and a phone call. I cry every night but knowing im going to see him soon makes it much better. He graduates March 15 and im looking foward to it. Just stay strong and be positive <3

awe thankyou for your comment and yes boot camp. I hope things get easier, do you have any tips to prepare me before he goes?

Just spend as much time as you can with him:) &amp; stay positive &amp; once hes in boot camp write letters all the time! my boyfriend asked me to write letters everyday and i love it:) stay strong &lt;3

thankyou and it is getting better I know that im going to be just fine but I always need reassurance with anything I do. thankyou for that advice I really appreciate it :)&lt;3

No problem, anytime you need advice or whatever im here:)

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