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me and my sailor are in a long distance relationship and i really need to find something to do when im sad and lonely .... i dont have very many hobbies ... what should i do? im lost ... i miss him so much and when im sad bored and lonely i think about him and get upset because im not with him ... i dont want him to see me upset all the time ... what should i do ???
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My boyfriend left for boot camp a couple of days ago (Chicago) and I feel like such a needy little b&$@ but I literally have chest pains just thinking about him and looking at my phone knowing there won't be any texts emails or calls for the next couple weeks! I can't wait to receive the first letter. I am going to take up some art classes, go skiing more often and take a horse back riding lesson. In the meantime I'm exercising and attending Zumba classes! I cannot wait to be in the arms of my Greek God built sailor!

I just started dating a sailor :) but my last boyfriend was a real strong alpha type. The thing he loved about me was I had a life, hobbies and things that made me 'me'.
We had a long distance relationship and he would HATE it when I would cry about it. I thought he was so mean for saying this. But as we went along I learned to suck it up and smile for him. I wanted him to be my waking breath. That was not possible.
If you're young and havent found yourself yet, explore!!! Your man will love that you have stuff that is just you. I run and train in multisport. I competed in my first triathlon last Sept. Exercise is good clean fun and a man LOVES a fit girl.
Also, I'm starting beauty school soon. I imagine if I fall in love with this guy long term I'll need school and xanax to keep me sane.

I too feel the same way, and I dont have many friends, and dont want to go out anyways bc I am afraid that is unfair to him, that I should respect him and stay home and do nothing bc he is doing the same. Its so hard and I too need advice

It's hard. I get discouraged too every now and then, but I find that the best thing to do when you're feeling this way is to preoccupy yourself with something else. Try to go out, even if it's just by yourself. Go shopping or go watch a movie or exercise. I know it sounds depressing, but it's really just a matter of distracting yourself from what makes you feel down. I am going through the same thing.

When you get upset or bored you could write him letters.. But If that makes you feel worse.. Join a class like a dance of workout class, look online for hobbies that would interest you. If your going to school focus on that alottt. Read, or go out a friends a couple times a week.. Working out seems to help a lot of ppl (I personally have to drag myself to the gym) but if I could get into it I'd do it al the time! Hope some of this helps.. I asked the same thing n these are some of the answers I got.. Good luck stay strong and feel free to message any of us at anyyy time that's what everyone's here for! <3