No Emails But Good News Only 2 Weeks Left !

So ive emailed Em everyday since he has been gone but i still havent gotten anything from him and ive gotten two emails sent back to me. They basically have to be perfect to go threw to the sub. Its very annoying and when i first started emailing him i would get so mad lol that they werent going thru but now ive gotten it diwn pretty well. But i havent gotten a reply since he has left, which is bothering me but i will live. Hopefully i get one soon ive been checking my email like every hour the past couple of days. On the good news he only has two weeks tills hes back in hawaii! Im so excited these days have been going by so slow and im having a hard time sleeping at night but its all worth it! When he gets home i will be packing my room and moving to hawaii with the love of my life. Im so nervous its going to be such a big change. Instead of sleeping alone ill have this 6'3 monster next to me:)! i wont have to cuddle my pillow anymore and ill be able to kiss him everyday. Im so excited. I just hope everything works out because living with someone is so different then just being together with someone. But non the less im excited!
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How long has he been in the navy?

yes he already lives off base... he has befor we got together. he has been in the navy for 7 years. im pretty sure it has to do with ranking. Because you guys should be able to get money for housing threw the military. thats how my man pays for his house.

Cuz me and my boyfriend wanna move in together but we not married ...r y'all moving off base and how long did it take

Are you married to him?

nope not yet.... hopefully soon to be:)