Fun Letter Ideas?

Does anyone have any cute/fun ideas to do with letter for bootcamp? I feel like my letters to my boyfriend are getting kind of repetitive. I write to him everyday and tell him what I did that day. I tell him I love him, draw pictures, ect. I just wrote a 100 Things About Me list and I send pictures every time I send a letter. I was just wondering if you all had any other ways to spice a letter up? (rated PG! Haha. )

Thank you! :)
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I do a lot of detailed reminiscing - like reminding her of a favorite memory we have or about how we got together. Sometimes planning out the future - like talking about the flowers we want to put in our garden, etc. It's nice because it keeps our memories fresh =]

I have wrote about how I felt when we first met, when I started having feelings for him, previous dates, ect. I have also made lists of stuff we will have to do when he comes home. I like doing that because I always think of something new, and like you said, it keeps things fresh. :)

When I write letters I've played hang man, which is like tic tac toe but it takes a lot longer to complete a game. Also with hangman you can use inside jokes or cute sayings :)
Another thing you could do is take a picture of your lips puckering and say you're sending him kisses

Awuhh, we have lots of inside jokes, so that might work! :) And I have done the lip puckering pictures before, haha. He liked them. :)

I put in a small piece of paper to play tic-tac-toe with him! It was fun but it takes time for it to go back and forth... It was fun though! My boyfriend also asked me to send song lyrics, so I would always take some time and listen to some old songs we loved and write them down (sometimes fancy/cute, and sometimes just in the letter). Have fun with it! :)

You guys are giving me so many great ideas! I think I'm gonna do the tic-tac-toe thing tonight. :) It will be something cute to keep for after he is out of boot. :) I have done song lyrics before, but I'm thinking I might do them more often now. :)

The tic-tac-toe idea I actually got from one of my friends who wrote to her boyfriend when she studied abroad. My boyfriend actually wrote back in a letter saying that it was such a cool idea and he liked that I did it! lol And yes, I know my boyfriend loved the lyrics (he asked for more almost every letter). I usually tried to do some songs that said how I felt or happy ones to make him feel better (before battlestations I put in "pump up" songs lol). My boyfriend also would have me draw him like tattoo designs or look some up for him because he's into tattoos and wants to get one when he gets to his station. Oh! And I usually tried to put in pictures of me doing random things. For example, my family was playing hockey on a pond out back or I was shooting a gun he gave to me, so I had my mom take a picture. This made it more real time and I kind of wished I did it sooner! Just remember, all of his stuff is in a small drawer and he doesn't have much room! lol You want to send him a good bit, but not go too overboard, so that he has to throw it out.... :)

Lately I've been drawing stick figures, but there is only so much you can do with those, haha. I send him pictures almost every letter of just random stuff I do. I sent him one with me eating in one I think...:P I don't send too many actual photos, but I have been making collages on Publisher and printing those out to save space. :)

That's a great idea! I usually sent about 1 picture per letter or so toward the end and I send a lot of "moleskin" for his blisters on his ankles. Have fun sending them! I know it might sound funny, but I kind of miss sending those back and forth and the feeling of coming home to a letter! :)

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I also traced my hand and kissed my letters with red lipstick on and wrote that those were kisses for him and to place his hand on tope on my traced hand and that was me holding his hand. On his next letter I got from him he traced his hand ^^ saying the same thing I wrote him. :') it made me cry

I'm gonna steal that idea, is that alright? that is too adorable!!:) I have kissed his letters before, but never thought of the hand tracing idea!

Of course ! Have fun with it ! :)

You can pray them with perfume.. you can also write him a letter with his favorite songs , things that you plan on doing together, pictures of his friends,