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I am 19 and a freshman in college. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about a year and have been good friends for about 4 years. He is in Florida and has been gone since march, I have seen him twice since then and he is coming back Christmas =). It's hard being so far away and we have been fighting a lot lately, that's why I wanted to join this. I hope I can get advice on how to show him how much I really care about him and to help him get through the hard times he is having right now!

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I am 19 and also a freshman in college. My boyfriend is almost done with boot camp in the Great Lakes; we have also been dating a few months over a year. He's been my best friend since Freshman year of high school.<br />
I'm so sorry y'all are fighting. Maybe what could help is to sit and think about the true reason for your fights. Is it your impatience, or his misunderstanding? I know that I personally have little patience when it comes to seeing and hearing from Jarred, which I have to consciously work on every day. It is just as hard for him as it is for me, and I have to be understanding. Be empathetic. <br />
If you need any support or help, let me know!

My baby just left for the great lakes :( did you hear from him much?

Mine left on April 24th for Great Lakes as well. His mom and best friend each received a letter last week and his friend got a phone call but I haven't heard anything even though I have mailed him frequently throughout the weeks.

he is under alot of stress right now and all he want is yr love n support i am a navy wife n i have been one now for the last two yrs n it is hard because to them. we r just regular people they love n not military people but it is not easy can completely tell u that but u have to keep yr head up! u can write me any time u want!