To Much Time Alone

I have been with my boyfriend for year and a half and things are super hard. He went on deployment four months ago and should be home in November. The problem is he never calls me, since he has been gone the last three months we have not talked on the phone. It sucks and I don't understand why the communication is lacking? I feel it is taken a huge toll on me on my emotions and I don't know what to do? We live together and I am scared that he will come home and not want to be with me any more it really sucks.

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4 Responses Oct 6, 2008

Hey hun, My sailor has left on deployment once before and is currently on a short leave. Don't feel like he just isn't talking to you. When our guys are gone they rarely can call. All the communication that is really available to them is email. Just keep emailing him, and I'm sure he will email you when he has a chance. The guys don't have much free time on the sub. I am sure he still loves you, and don't doubt your feelings for him. Just try to get through the last few months. It will be ok <3

Hi, please dont worry about him calling like others have said sometimes they just cant :( keep writing emails as I'm sure that will bring a smile to his face and November will be here in no time. My man has been away since Feb and is home in Sept but slightly different situation to you as I have just been sent the "i think we should end things" message :( so gotta be strong for him and be as supportive and strong as i can whilst he is going through a rough time. hugs and add me if you like x

My boyfriend is also in the navy and don't leave for his 1st deployment but does in feb. but i know how it feels to have someone you love out and not hear from 'em. MY family is a navy family my older cousins were mostly sailors and tons of my friends. My older cousin which im spoiled after hardly had time to call during his deployment I was heartbroken at first then he explained this to me:<br />
"We are working hard out here and time is rare for some of us. We think about our love ones all the time but we know we are doing this for ya'll. We have our girlfriends on our minds all the time how much we miss em and spoiled lil brats like you. so remember words may not be may but our hearts and minds are on our love ones back home"<br />
It got me through it hes like my dad the guy i always go to hes my backbone and to have him tell me that helped so maybe it will help you.<br />
When the guys are sitting around taking a lil break or eating break. lunch or supper they are talking about their families anf girls back home. Be strong when he gets home it will be worth it if you need someone to talk to feel free to message me i know the feeling of navy deployment im 18 and had it in my life from age 7! It will get better keep your head up and prayers on your baby out to sea.

My boyfriend is in the Navy on deployment too. This is my first time going through this deployment and it is so hard. I wouldn't worry too much because I know with my boyfriend there are some weeks when he just can't call, whether they are moving locations, or doing something confidential, or just too tired. At least your man is coming home in November! I have to wait 'till February.