My Wonderful Submariner

Hey everyone,

I'm new to i thought i would share my story with you guys.

My sailor and i went to highschool together..and a few years after he graduated we got really close and started dating. weve been together for about a year now. he is wonderful and i love him dearly. the sad part to this story is that he is stationed in portsmouth NH.. and i live in pensacola fl. i get to see him once in a blue moon, but its wonderful when i do get to see him. he comes home next month for a few days! :-) we have been through his first deployment together and we will soon be undertaking (no pun intended) his second deployment.sub life is hard. i grew up in a navy (aviation) family.. but its different when you dont get to hear from him for months at a time. i love him with all of my heart. it gets hard being away from him, but i know it is all a matter of time until we spend the rest of our lives together.

-Ashley Marie

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i have almost the same story as you<br />
me and my boyfriend have been together a year this month and have been friends for three years<br />
we went threw our first deployment last year and right now he is out to sea until the end of april<br />
i live in california and he is based in washington state<br />
it does suck but i love him with all my heart<br />
you should check out<br /><br />
the girls on there are great<br />
its for anyone with a military guy