My Boyfriend Left Today For Boot Camp......

Hi My name is Sarah

Gary that's my boyfreind left early today for boot camp he is going to be gone for the next 9 weeks. I still really sad that he left but i know that is what he wants to do so i'm really pround of him. does anyone have advice about how to deal and what to do to say busy for the next 2 months. thanks


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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

time is going to fly by. my sailor and i have been together since right after he got out of bootcamp but weird story. i was dating another guy before my sailor and i got together. i was with that guy while he was at bootcamp for the marines so i know how it is. he was gone for 3 months though. the one thing that passed the time for me was writing. i wrote to him everyday. letters and i kept a journal for him. i wrote every day when i would get sad or right before bed. tell him about my day and what all i did. that meant so much to him when he got home. i went out and stayed with friends too. tried to keep my mind going on other things. time flew though and that first sight of seeing him is going to be SO amazing.