I am 17 years old. I have been with my boyfriend for about two years now. He left for boot camp at Great Lakes two days ago, so I am dealing with him gone for the first time since we've been together. It is very hard, but the hope of getting a letter from him soon is keeping somewhat happy. I hear a lot about them being able to come home for ten days or so after A school, so that would be amazing! Other than this though, I really don't know much about what I'm getting into. Feel free to message me or whatever you do on here =)


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My boyfriend is just finishing up with Combat training in Gulfport, MS and is going to Cali this weekend actually. Boot camp was a huge adjustment for me. It was hard, I'm not going to lie, but you just have to keep yourself busy. When he gets to A school, he'll get to have his phone, which is a relief to your writing hand : ) Lol. Write him all the time while he's in boot camp. He'll enjoy it! Nick (my sailor) got to come home for around fourteen days I think after a school, which was around Christmas so it worked perfectly! I definitely recommend going to his Boot camp graduation if at all possible... words can't describe it. Just be there for your sailor. By the way, I'm 18. Same situation, just been through it already :o) And sometimes you'll find the people you thought should have answers for you (family, friends, etc) most of the time won't... they've never been in your situation, and don't necessarily understand. But they are there to listen. You'll be fine girl, just stay strong! Anytime you need something I'm here!