Other Than Navy Wife, Being a Navy Girlfriend Is the Toughest Job In the Navy!

I met my boyfriend online actually and i was never the type to do things like that. He's originally from texas and hes stationed up here in connecticut but i live in rhode island so its okay we saw eachother quite often. we've been together for over a year now and things have been wonderful he's the greatest guy i could ever ask for. he moves slow with our relationship and i was fine with that until recently it finally hit me that he will be out to sea all the time. hes been out before but that was before i met his family in texas and we became soo much closer. now he told me recently that he will be going out to sea every other month from now and only able to see me a few times in between. the saddest part is, he will be permanently stationed in hawaii for the next 3 years. and he leaves 6 months from now most of which he will be out to sea. This is the toughest thing i will probably ever have to go through in my life but i love him so much i don't care. i was going to push engagement on him but he already told me he won't get married til hes out of the navy but i think that might change. anyway i've learned to accept his life and i support him no matter what and i will always love him and i will wait as long as it takes until hes ready.

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I met my sailor online too.. super weird but yeah! I know exactly what you are going throught. I'm dealing with the same problem :( But we just have to stay strong and committed to our men, and hope for the best

i meet my boyfriend online to and i had never meet anyone before like that we have been togwether for a year on the 23rd but have been really good friends for 3 years...he's based in washington state and i live in california, he's in Guam right now and it sucks...i just missed a call from him today and now i feel like crap...and yeah other than being a navy wife being a navy girlfriend is the toughest job in the navy!

Bless, Its hard being far away from the one you love and even harder when they come and go so often. I can see where he would want to wait to get married til after hes out of the forces because of fear and not knowing what will happen in the future. Cherish the time you have together. Take it day by day and let it all work out on its own. If its ment to be it will. My husband and I met while I was living in Alaska and he was in the UK. We spent our first few years apart and it gave us all that much more love for eachother once we were married. No matter the distance or the time you spend apart if you have faith and your ment to be together you will.x