Hello! My name is Angie, and I just joined today. :) I'm 19 and my boyfriend, Daniel is 29. We've been dating for 4 months going on 5.   I was reading some of your stories and I am new to this whole navy thing, I just know a little from what I read about other girl's expierences.  My boyfriend is leaving soon for boot camp and A school and we're really excited yet sad because we don't see much of eachother as it is (we live 1 hour away from eachother) and the time apart is going to be hard. But we're both very hopeful.  We plan to get married once he graduates I'm planning to live in housing once he recieves his orders, but that'll be months from now! :)   Just glad I have found another support group.


I am also part of another support site  It's a wonderful site for Navy Wives and Girlfriends looking for support.  There's a lot of love and support from the girls! I love it. Please go check it out and join if you're interested.


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I'm pretty new with the navy life as well, my sweetheart life's 9 hours away and we are on different time zones so that is kinda hard but I have learned. But I'm here if you need someone to talk to.

omg yes im on truemilitarywivesconfessions. com too and i love it, so many great women on there that have helped me threw some ruff nights

Hi! My name is sage. I just recently became a military wife but i was in the same place you are at one point. Just remember to keep your head high and that it does get easier. A big misstake most of my friends made with their military guy is they would fuss all the time on the line. You dont get to talk ot him much so why spend it fussing! Keep cheerful and busy! I'm also on the truemilitarywivesconfessions website and it is great you should really check it out! But if you ever need someone totalk to or just to vent I'm here and so are so many other girls! Navy Love!

hey<br />
my boyfriend is in the navy to, he's out to sea right now<br />
we've been together for a year but bestfriends for three<br />
hes based in washington state and i live in california<br />
so it gets hard but we love each other so much<br />
<br />
just remember this<br />
<br />
"True love isn't being inseperable, it's being seperated and nothing changing"<br />
<br />
oh and im with this site called<br /><br />
i love it, its for girlfriends and wives<br />
its great<br />
you should check it out<br />
<br />
let me know if you ever need anyone to talk to