I know I'm new to this whole thing, but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is there for me threw this hard time! Being 17 and having to deal with something as tough as this sucks, but in the end it only makes my sailor and I stronger! <3
irefusetosink23 irefusetosink23
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It's really nice to have a group of people who actually understand! My friends have no idea what to say about any of this stuff.. It's nice to have support, even if it is from strangers (: At least they're friendly.. lol

That's exactly how I feel! I'm so blessed for all these girls and I'm blessed to have a group of them to understand everything I'm going through!

I completely understand! I'm 16. It seems to make everything harder. Like traveling and stuff. I can't wait till I'm 18!

It does! But just gotta stay strong! And me either! Haha :)