27 more days. 27 more days until I am able to talk to him without restrictions!
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27 more days? Can they not talk for a week?

What do you mean I'm sorry I mean like he graduates in 27 days and I'll be able to talk to him like call and text once he's in school and not just like letters!

Sorry if it sounded confusing lol

Lol it's alright. What I mean is that your bf and mine graduates on september 5th right? Isn't that like only 20 days away?

Oh!!! Mine graduates the 12th :( He left July 14th!

He just finished his 5th week this week!

Oh ok!! Haha I am so sorry for confusing you! For some reason I thought mine and yours was the same day

It's okay :) I thought for a while we had the same graduation dates but idky I was thinking that lol no worrries!

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