I understand his demanding schedule. I understand that the Navy comes first. I just need him to stop telling me he'll call me back. He is rarely able to. If he calls on the way to the ship, we get disconnected. While he's underway it's a no-go. I am going to ask him to just say "as soon as possible". I know he cares about me and that he's trying. He wants me to be flexible. I just need him to be understanding.
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I've felt this way as well and instead of telling him not to say that, I just already knew he wouldn't call me back. And on the rare occasion he did I was extremely excited & happy. It's all about the mindset you make for yourself :)

i can feel u..mine is a US ARMY,and we were also like that so what happened was,he was in..im out...im in,he was out..but the best thing is that..i know he's still there (:

I do adore that I know he is always still there and I will wait for him

that's how we love them (: