Really wish my bf would call me whenever he gets his calls. Even for just a minute. I understand that family comes first, but I just really want to hear his voice :( he hasn't called me not one time since he's been there. Which i wasn't expecting him to call while he was in there anyways. Before he left, he never ever mentioned calling me, just writing letters whenever he could. I assume he thought that I already knew he was going to use all of his calls for his family. At least he only has 19 more days of this.
Savanahjoy Savanahjoy
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he should be calling you..... how could he not want to hear your voice.....

I don't need you telling me what he "should" be doing.

then don't say you really wish he'd call because if it was something you really wished for, a real man would give you that wish....

Whatever. Think what you want. I know where my boyfriends heart is and you have no right to tell me he isn't a "real man." He's more real than you'll ever be.

Sorry I'm still figuring this app out! The response below was meant for you, my dear! :)

Splitting response time from your bf with his family while he's in basic is very trying and frustrating. I'm sure there is a reason he is calling them instead of you. I don't know about him, but my boyfriend JUST got to make his first phone call weds (minus the 20 second here's my address call) and he started Air Force BMT 7/12, so he might not get many allowances to call? Regardless, hang in there! You guys are almost through the trenches!

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