I've been feeling so low here lately. I fear that he's going to forget about me. I fear he's not going to be the same guy I feel in love with before he left. I fear that he's going to change his mind. I fear that I'll have to live without him. Only because that's what everybody is clouding my mind with all the time. Although I try to ignore them and don't really believe them, it still hurts to think that could happen.
Savanahjoy Savanahjoy
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2014

If you know him then don't worry. Every single male member on my mom's side has been in the Navy. The Navy changes you for the better, not the worse. Psychological damage or degradation is rare. It is rare because Navy are strong. Don't worry. :)

I think the same way sometimes. I just tell myself to hope for the best and don't doubt anything. Just stay positive! It will all work out and be so amazing once you can talk to one another again.

Thanks! And yeah, it will be a lot better once we can talk to our guys again!

Don't let others thoughts get the best of you. It will be tough and you'll have breakdowns I have believe me they happen but the most important part is staying positive!

Thank you :)