24 days until he graduates!!! <3
krazykathy24 krazykathy24
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Me too! What division is he?

944?! What about your SR?!


Are you going to her graduation or no?!

I'm trying so hard but if it doesn't work out with class she tol me not to miss school. But I really wanna be there :(

Would you be the 4th guest?! All 4 spots are taken for me...my bf's family is all going so I have to miss out...but he's going to A school in my state so we'll see each other often (hopefully)!!!

Yeah I would've been the fourth guest. Mines going to A school in nTexas so I'll be waiting til Christmas

Man sorry to hear that:/ atleast you'll be able to FaceTime and call each other!!

Very true gotta look on the bright side

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