Every chance my family get, they remind me of the lifestyle I have chosen to live. I know there will be times when me and my bf will go months without seeing each other. I know It will be hard. But I more than willing to do anything to make this work. And that's because I don't have a shadow of a doubt in my mind and heart that's he's the one. And they can't understand that. They don't understand why I would wait that long for just "some guy". He's not just some guy. He's my other half. They just cannot accept the fact that I'm not changing my mind.
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Amen!! Not a few days ago I wanted to give everything up and when I say everything I mean "OUR RELATIONSHIP" I wanted to just let him go just to make my family happy, but I realized that it wasn't fair because he is my happiness and I need to be there for him through all this new change for both of us. It ain't easy for him either. My SR is my life<3, I LOVE my family, but they as well remind me every chance they get of what I have chosen. They tell me he's going to break my heart and do me wrong, but IF he does I'm the one that's going to suffer not them. I TRULY believe he won't do me wrong, because I honestly think he loves me way more than what I love him, but you gotta be open minded and anything can happen.. But I chose to stay with him and go through thick and thin with him. I chose to follow my heart and don't let their comments get to me, I chose to put myself in risk, but that's because I KNOW for a fact that my SR is THE ONE:)
Now keep your head up, don't even think about giving up I can't promise that it wont be hurtful or that you are not going to go through rough moments,days,months but I can promise that is worth it<3 Don't let your family get to you and IF this is what you TRULY wants then stay beside your SR and prove everybody wrong:)
Remember he's missing you too.

Sorry a little long, but I wouldn't want none of you ladies to even think about giving up.

Amen sister! You took the words out of my mouth!

Jeje right!!

Aww thank you SO much! That made me feel a lot better and that really meant a lot <3 :)

You're very welcome we all are going through similar experiences and all I want if to help as much as I can:)

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There comes a time in every girl's life where they realize their parents may not always agree with what they are setting out to do. It's sad, heart breaking, an frustrating. But you are better off than you think bc you are following your heart and not wavering bc of what they said or think. Keep following your heart and they will eventually see you are true to what you say. I think sometimes parents have a hard time taking their children seriously when they are still young. You are an adult, but in their eyes, you are still just a child and they are probably concerned for your well being and showing it in a weird way. Find your inner strength and go your own way for a bit. Hope this helps!

Thank you!

You're welcome! :)