I'm having a rough day.. I walked out to the mail box only to be disappointed again. It's been 15 days since I've got a call & I only got one letter last week. I usually get 3-4 letters each week. I haven't got any letters this week and I've been hoping for a call. I miss him so much and I want to hear from him so bad. He had battle stations last week so this may be why I've had such few letters. Anyone else going through the same thing?
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The day he finishes battles stations is the day you will get the 'I'm a sailor' call.
My sailor told me that he would call in three weeks when he first got there, I still haven't gotten one. We just gotta keep our heads up.

Awh I'm sure he will call you as soon as he is able to. I can't wait until he's done with battle stations but I'm not sure when that is. All I know is 16 more days until he graduates!! I'm trying to remember the bright side.

It will be the week before he graduates, so week seven

It will go by so fast. I started marking the days on a calendar just so I can see them go by

Ok! Thank you!!

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Towards the end of Bootcamp, many of the recruits are busy studying and preparing for the final tests, inspections and also battle stations. So that could be one reason why he hasn't called/sent any letters. And usually after battle stations, the day after, around 2 PM GL time, they'll be able to call home or whomever.

Thank you so much! How long are battle stations? I'm just wondering when to expect that call.

And if his division isn't doing too well, that tends to put the SRs under lots of pressure since they'll have a slight chance if not graduating. So most likely it could be those options. I'll message you privately about battle stations

Hey, be lucky you have got that much! My bf has been in bootcamp for 6 weeks now, and I've only received 3 letters so far and no phone calls. He's using all of his calls for his family.

I know I'm lucky. I think I was getting used to so many letters and I had got 3 calls! Now it's just like I have been getting nothing and it's hard.

I know how you feel, just keep hanging in there!

I am the last call was July 31st, I only got 1 letter along with a few ones that sent back. But their preparing for battle stations so they don't have a whole lot of time and also they won't be able to call until that I'm a sailor call, that's what my bf told me.

When will that be? And in my last letter he wrote on the 7th he said they were about to begin hell week then it'd all be down hill from here. I've continued to write him every couple days but I'm starting to get upset that I'm not getting anything back.

PLEASE DO NOT GET UPSET!! You gotta remember they're at BOOT CAMP not in a SPA. Until Battle Stations are over they would be under pressure. Not much time for nothing. Yes I'm lucky bc I keep getting three letters all weeks but is just bc my SR been writing when he's not supposed bc time is what they don't have anymore.. Just be patient and don't get upset is not his fault. Remember he is now property of the Navy that put us all in a second place. BUT I believe that he's missing you too. Be Patient Keep Your Head High Up!

Obviously he's not in a spa. I know that and I know he doesn't have much time. But it doesn't make it any easier or make me miss him any less.

No it doesn't make it any easier, but it'll make you realized why he doesn't write as much:) or contact you often.. Hoping he's not him or his division could be in troubles and don't able to write.. Keep writing him and let him know that you are worry about him.. ask him to write you back as soon as he can..

I will. I kinda started thinking his division got in trouble because he was getting a lot of calls home as rewards and stuff. I wonder if he's even been getting all my letters. I'll keep writing but it's hard when I haven't got a response in so long.

Oh then yes it sounds like troubles came their way.. You do that, yes is not easy, but is worth it and if you too love each other ya'll overcome this and any other obstacle..

We will get through it. Do you know when battle stations are over or do they go until the last few days they're there?

Of course. It all depends all divisions have different dates. My SR's division goes until Sep 1st but until them they're under a rough training..

Ok does he graduate sept 5th? That's when mine does.

Yes, Sept 5th and he's division 277 so I won't be expecting much from him. From now on..

Mines division 278!!

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