My boyfriend and I have been speaking about marriage for a couple days now. Got his parents' blessings, and my mom's as well. My dad is totally against it though, so great. 3 of 4 parents are good to go, except my dad. I'm just glad that we got majority of their blessings. It just kinda sucks to be told one thing, then told another. Our parents are okay with us getting married when we want to, but they prefer for us to wait. And right now, we're just laying out our options on what we could to and what the consequences would be. I've seriously got no clue what to do. I hate crying and disagreeing with him.. Ahh help!
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I understand your situation. My advice is that if you guys haven't done the promise ring thing yet, do that for now. Wait on the actual proposal and don't be in a rush to get married. It's a huge responsibility and an even bigger commitment. Especially wait if you plan on going to college.

Oh I have a promise ring from him. I definitely agree. And yeah I have plans to just get in-get out to get a degree. Thank you! For voicing your opinion, I truly I appreciate it!

You are far too young to consider getting married.