Who needs Prince Charming when you can have a sailor? <3
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A very unworldly naive friend of mine married a sailor. They were together for years before he popped the question. She confided in me that due to bad planning she was due to have her period during the honeymoon, so being the disgusting **** I am, I told her to ask him for sex "the other way round", because he'd expect it on his wedding night. When they got home she was totally confused. I asked why and she told me that she'd confessed that she'd told him she was bleeding but that was OK because they could have sex the other way round. He told her if she thought he was putting his **** in her bleeding hole, she had another think coming, and why couldn't they do it like they'd always done. Sailors eh? I wonder how they cope now that women are allowed on board ship!!!

Gosh don't pay attention to this ignorant people!!!

Sailor Charming.

Who doesn't love a guy who's never there and who's probly off nailing some woman on a different continent

Excuse me? Relationships are built on trust. I trust my boyfriend with my life and if you have a problem with people being in love then that's your problem. There's no one definition for true love, but I know what mine is. Mine is a sailor for the best fighting force the world knows. I don't know if you've heard of the word "loyalty" or not, but the definition is pretty easy to comprehend. It means staying true to a commitment. My commitment is him. Sorry if you're unhappy or something, but bringing down strong people isn't a good way to get attention so I suggest you take it elsewhere instead of here. Kay thanks.

Started off strong but I didn't believe the finish
For future reference never end an argument with Kay
Turns u into an irritating *****

From the looks of your profile, you don't even understand what love is. Having sex with your teacher. Seriously? That's classy. And illegal, but I won't judge. That's your choice. But telling me I'm in the wrong for loving someone isn't cool. You don't understand the difficulties that military spouses, whether it's men or women, go through. Honestly, it's hard to go through, but the outcome is completely worth it. Maybe not in your opinion, but to hundreds of thousands it is.

Way to not judge lol
I give you're relationship another 3 years tops before u either leave from frustration or he comes back completely different and u cant stand each other

If this is how you like getting attention, you need a new hobby honey. Just look at the "I Am A Navy Girlfriend" experience page. Yes, there's sad experiences posted. But a lot of them are happy. I'm not going to apologize for what I said. And I sure as hell won't apologize for being happy.

Haha you're funny^

Why would u apologize
Btw u should know I'm drunk anyway
Probly won't remember this convo
Feel a little bit like a *****

Being drunk isn't an excuse to pick on people and get into their personal lives.

Ur right
But oh well

Drink a glass of water. It'll cute that hangover.


Haha it's gonna take a lot of water

Hit me up with a mail in the morning

What are you talking about?

Mail me tommorow

And what do you want me to say?

Idk see if I remember or sometimes

You type pretty good for a drunk.

I knew what you meant

God bless autocorrect


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