When my boyfriend graduates from A school (Gunner's Mate) how long before he gets deployed? And can I go with him when he gets deployed?
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Do you mean stationed? Like sent somewhere else to live? If yes, then they will only let you go if youre married. But if you mean like deployment to war, then no.. you dont go, but i think you meant the first part.. and they send them to their ba<x>se after bootcamp/a schooling if they go active duty. If he choose reserves usually they dont have to move too far away (at least my guy doesnt.. lol) And deployment just depends on a lot of other factors to come later.

You two would have to be married for you to go with him.

There's not a certain date for deployment after basic training and If so they will let him know ahead of time and it depends where he goes but in most circumstances I don't think so.